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All services are offered virtually, and are accessible from anywhere in BC

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Treatment for ADHD includes a combination of modalities

ADHD Assessments

We offer virtual appointments so you can attend from anywhere in Canada via your computer

One of our Nurse Practitioners will go over your questionnaires and assessment forms in conjunction with reviewing your medical, psychological, social, educational, and developmental history in order to provide you with a thorough assessment and treatment plan.

Co-occurring conditions will be explored and you will be given a comprehensive report, which will include a possible diagnosis with suggestions for various treatment options. This may include medication recommendations, ADHD group coaching, ADHD therapy, and Behaviour therapy.

Counselling for ADHD

Our clinician’s use a variety of evidenced based modalities in order to create an approach that will work for you and give you the best results.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is an Evidenced Based approach that challenges negative core beliefs, and looks at how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are connected. It has been shown to be effective at reducing ADHD symptoms, improving executive functions and self-esteem, and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Dialectal Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

DBT is evidenced Based therapy that has shown to be effective in managing symptoms of ADHD. Helps you learn and develop skills related to emotion regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Values based therapy aimed at supporting you to connect to your values in order to facilitate motivation and change.


Coaching for ADHD

ADHD coaching involves supporting you in overcoming challenges and achieving goals in a way that is ADHD friendly. ADHD coaches have specialized training in how the ADHD brain works. Your ADHD coach will provide an assessment of your executive functions to uncover your strengths, weakness to build to a plan for treatment.

Together, we will build a plan for success in the areas of work, education, relationships, home life, and self-management. Through one to one sessions and group work, coaches support you in developing an action plan, creating goals, while helping you strengthen skills such as time management, organization, planning/prioritizing, task initiation and completing, working memory, stress tolerance, and emotion regulation. Learning about your unique brain, understanding your executive functions and how to strengthen them is the cornerstone of ADHD coaching.

Many people with ADHD often have difficulty with staying on task and maintaining focus, motivation and organization. A coach can help with procrastination, overwhelm, and self-regulation. A coach can teach strategies, skills, and offer a safe space for processing feelings and experiences, while offering accountability to support you in gaining forward momentum to improve quality of life, to help you reach your goals, and to unlock your true potential

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching for ADHD

We provide a holistic approach that is centred on the mind body connection. This includes sleep, nutrition, exercise, social life, stress management, and spiritual connection (a sense of meaning and purpose). In order for the brain to function optimally, it requires particular nutrients that it can only get through a healthy diet. The brain also requires good sleep habits and daily exercise. These are the foundation of health and are paramount for proper brain function. Our sense of wellness also rests on our connection to other people and a sense of community, meaning, and purpose. Our coaches can help you create healthy habits to support you in reaching your goals and attaining optimal health and wellness.

Some people with ADHD often have difficulty with managing money. This can look like: impulse shopping, forgetting to pay bills on time, poor planning for retirement, maxed out credit cards, lost receipts, bounced cheques, late rent or mortgage payments. ADHD coaching can help with problem solving and goal setting in the area finances.

Group “Living an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle”

Topics Include

Managing procrastination and perfectionism, Executive Function skills, understanding your ADHD, organization, planning, goals, time management, self regulation, motivation, self care and wellness, accountability buddy’s, and more!

Group runs for 8 weeks

Call or email to register for the next group session 604-837-9642 or email:

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Counselling for ADHD
Coaching for ADHD
Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching for ADHD
Group – “Living an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle”

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