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Find out if you have ADHD and get diagnosed

Take our free ADHD test and take the first steps to getting a diagnosis and starting a treatment plan. 

We offer both in-person and online appointments


ADHD Therapy
& Coaching

It's easy and convenient to get diagnosed and start receiving treatment


Determine If You Have ADHD

Use our Free ADHD screening tool to determine if further investigation is needed. This free online screening takes only a few minutes and once complete you will receive recommendations based on your test score.


Get A Thorough Assessment

Book an appointment and meet with one of our nurse practitioners to receive a personalized assessment and custom treatment plan. We offer virtual appointments so you can attend from anywhere in Canada via your computer


Receive Treatment

Your treatment can include counselling, coaching, group therapy and cognitive therapies. Our mission is to provide you with individualized treatment that will enable you to meet your goals and reach your true potential.