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All services are offered virtually, and are accessible from anywhere in BC

Online Assessments and Treatment

& Treatment

Find out if you have ADHD and get diagnosed online

Step 1 – Take our free ADHD test

Virtual appointments offered in the comfort of your own home

ADHD Diagnostic Assessment - Virtual

$399 one time fee

  • Urgent Assessments available
  • Includes your treatment plan
  • Report sent to you by email
  • Coming Soon: medication management, prescribing, and prescription renewals. 

ADHD Therapy
& Coaching

One to one and 8 week group

  • Masters Degree Level Therapists
  • Specialized ADHD Therapy and Coaching
  • One to One
  • ADHD Groups
  • Covered by Extended Health Insurance

Virtual ADHD Diagnosis and Assessment Steps


1. Take The Free Self Assessment

Take the Self Assessment Quiz to determine if you are experiencing significant ADHD symptoms and if a formal assessment is recommended. Click here for Free ADHD Quiz


2. Book Virtual Appointment

Book an appointment with with one of our ADHD Nurse Practitioners who are specially trained in diagnosing ADHD and mental health conditions


3. Fill out online ADHD Medical Assessment Forms

These are part of the assessment process and used to gather important information about you, your experiences, and your medical history so that we can prepare for the virtual appointment with you. 


4. Attend ADHD Virtual Assessment Appointment

You will meet with your clinician virtually through telehealth simply by clicking the link in the email sent to you 30 minutes prior to your appointment through our Jane app booking system.  

Sometimes a second appointment is needed which will be offered at no extra cost.


5. Receive Diagnosis Results

After completing your ADHD assessment appointment, the results of your medical intake forms, medical history, ADHD questionnaires, and results of the assessment with your ADHD practitioner goes through an authorization process with our medical team. Once this is complete, your diagnosis will be communicated to you concurrently with the receipt of your comprehensive assessment report. You should receive your results by email which includes your diagnosis, the results of your questionnaires and rating scales, and treatment plan.

What Our Clients Say

Courtney Kaleta
Courtney Kaleta
Read More
"Compassionate, empathetic people, who are knowledgeable in the clinical aspects and lived experience of ADHD make all the difference for ADHD folks accessing support. West Coast Adult ADHD is a client-centred team that feels like my anchor when life feels unmanageable."
Rebecca Lockhart
Rebecca Lockhart
Read More
"Excellent services! The tools and insights I gained are helping me to be more effective, optimistic and focused while I create the life I aspire to live."
Rob Jeffrey
Rob Jeffrey
Read More
"If you are someone that hasn't had the best experience with therapy, counselling, coaching, etc. I wholeheartedly recommend setting up a call with Lisa and the team. The process is SUPER easy and the initial call with Lisa to understand my needs was superb. The best bit is that I was matched with Nadina who is not only a wonderful person but has helped me so much these past few months. Genuinely so so grateful for this service."
Kayleen Windrem
Kayleen Windrem
Read More
"Wonderful, caring and have really helped me figure some things out. They have provided so much support and guidance."
Janna Wilson
Janna Wilson
Read More
"Assessments can be a bit daunting so I really appreciated the easy booking process, the ability to choose the practitioner, and that the report was really sent within the time frame they said. Currently involved in some of the after support and highly recommend."
Emma Studders
Emma Studders
Read More
"My experience with West Coast Adult ADHD clinic was great. Everyone was very kind, helpful and supportive. The process was efficient and response time from their team/ clinic was very quick. I would definitely recommend this clinic."
Louise Leclair
Read More
"Working with ADHD counsellor Lisa Hardy is helping me to cope with some particularly difficult aspects of this chronic condition that was undiagnosed in me until recently. I'm 75 years old and I can attest that it is never too late to work on managing the conditions brought about by this neuro diverse condition. I wish I'd had the earlier good fortune of having the support to deal with its effects!"
Patrick Higgins
Patrick Higgins
Read More
"Very helpful phone chat to start and get a lay of the land, then was given a few recommendations/options for a counselor that could suit my needs...which the person I linked up with has (and does!) indeed do 🙂 If you're reading this and unsure, just start with a call and go from there, it's be fantastic for me."
Conrad Ma
Conrad Ma
Read More
"Think you have ADHD? Best to get a professional to evaluate you. These people can help. The process I went through was quick and painless and they paired me up with a counsellor right away and they even have group therapy sessions as well."
Len Chaston
Len Chaston
Read More
"I have been working with Tracy Bergman, of West Coast ADHD for 3 months, and it has been very beneficial to my management of my ADHD. She combines thorough research of ADHD articles with empathy for my real-life experience, She then suggests very practical steps to improve the ways I deal with the challenges that ADHD brings into my life."
Gavin Clark
Gavin Clark
Read More
"West Coast Adult ADHD provided the self serve resources I needed to quickly understand what the next steps in my diagnosis should be. The process of booking, completing the intake questionnaire and linking up with the assigned therapist was simple and informative. I highly recommend reaching out to this team. I look forward to the prospect of working with them again in the future. Thanks!"

How Do We Compare?

Private Clinics


Cost of diagnosis

 $ 399 one time fee    

$599+ fees 


Wait time for assessment

2 Weeks

8+ Weeks

4-6 weeks

Personalized treatment plan




Report emailed to you




ADHD masters degree level therapists




Therapy covered by extended health insurance




1:1 ADHD coaching and therapy




ADHD 8 week group




Medication recommendations





Coming Soon



FAQs - ADHD Assessment

  1. If your quiz results in significant ADHD symptoms, you can click the “book now” button to book your appointment in our Jane App booking system. Or you can click the “Learn More” button to read through the Assessment Steps before booking your appointment. 
  2. Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email from Jane app asking you to complete the ADHD questionnaires and Intake form. 

On the day of your appointment:

  1. Jane App will send you the virtual health link 30 minutes before your assessment appointment.
    Simply click the link and login to your Jane account.
  2. Make sure you have a private space and high speed internet 
  3. Once you login, your clinician will be waiting for you. 
  4. Your appointment will take about 40 minutes. Occasionally, more time is needed and a second appointment will be booked to complete the assessment. The second appointment will be offered to you at no extra cost. 

On the day of your appointment:

1.    Jane App will send you the virtual health link 30 minutes before your assessment appointment. Simply click the link and login to your Jane account.

2.    Make sure you have a private space and high speed internet 

3.    Once you login, your clinician will be waiting for you. 

4.    Your appointment will take about 40 minutes. Occasionally, more time is needed and a second appointment will be booked to complete the assessment. The second appointment will be offered to you at no extra cost.

We provide a comprehensive mental health screening along with the ADHD assessment for a one time fee of $399 plus GST. All of our clinicians are specially trained in diagnosing ADHD and mental health conditions so that you receive the highest quality care through our clinic. 

We are in the process of getting our systems set up for prescribing, but in the meantime you will need to take your report to your family doctor for prescribing and medication management.

The only thing you need to do is complete the intake form and questionnaires on the
day you book your appointment as we need to prepare well ahead of your assessment
appointment. (takes about 45 minutes)

One of our nurse practitioners will meet with you virtually to do conduct the assessment
appointment. All of our nurse practitioners are specially trained in assessing and
diagnosing ADHD and have extensive experience working in mental health and primary
Your care team works behind the scenes and is made up of ADHD clinicians, nurse
practitioners, licensed practical nurses, therapists, registered social workers,
occupational therapists, and registered clinical counselors.

Your clinician will recommend next steps for treatment which will be informed by best practices and a multimodal approach to ADHD treatment. The recommendations will be outlined in your assessment report. This may include recommendations for ADHD medication, ADHD therapy or coaching, ADHD Group, support groups, or diet and lifestyle changes.

We follow the Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines as outlined here:

When seeking an evaluation or treatment for ADHD, it is important to see a qualified, licensed healthcare professional. This includes: A psychiatrist, pediatrician, nurse practitioner, doctor, or psychologist.

Your assessment report will be emailed to you within 10-14 days of your appointment, which includes your treatment plan with possible medication recommendations, along with ADHD therapy, coaching, and group recommendations.

You can start ADHD therapy and coaching any time. If you would like to try ADHD medication, you can take your report to your doctor for prescribing. 

The ADHD Assessment Report can be used for academic accommodations, work place accommodations, disability tax credit applications and student aid applications.

Welcome to West Coast Adult ADHD

We offer convenient virtual appointments.

At West Coast ADHD our clinicians are specially trained In ADHD treatment interventions. We provide evidenced based, holistic, client centred, collaborative, care so that you receive the highest quality of ADHD and executive function treatment available.

Our mission is to provide you with individualized treatment that will enable you to meet your goals and reach your true potential.

How I Can Help You

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.
What our clients say


During my sessions with Dr. Brooks, I feel like I am speaking with a friend rather than a stranger. After them, I feel that I am a new person who is in charge of her life, mind and actions.

Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers

Social Worker

I attended one of your conferences the other day, and I must say that I am really impressed. For such a delicate and young woman, Cloe Brooks seems to have accomplished a lot!

Emily Parker

Emily Parker

Designer, CEO

For me, this was a wonderful experience. I thought there would be no solution for countless issues in our marriage, but Dr. Brooks has so far proven me and my husband wrong.

Jack Weinstein

Jack Weinstein



ADHD Diagnostic Assessments


Group - $499.00 for 8 sessions

8 week Program “Creating an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle”
  • Offered in small groups as well as Individually
  • Topics include: Managing procrastination and perfectionism, Time Management, Your ADHD Brain, Emotion Regulation, Organization and Planning, Motivation, Accommodations for work-school-home, Self Care, Executive Functions, and more!
  • Extended Health Plans may cover treatment costs. Please check with your provider to confirm coverage.
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    For ADHD therapy and coaching click here

    For Therapy & Coaching:

    All appointments are virtual and you must be sitting at a computer (not your phone) and in a quiet and private space during the appointment for good internet reception

    West Coast Adult ADHD provides diagnostic assessment services for adults over 18

    Youth assessments coming soon!

    Please email our clinic for more information:

    Assessment & Diagnosis

    After completing the diagnostic assessment you may receive a diagnosis and treatment plan with medication recommendations (if indicated) to take to your doctor for prescribing. Please check with your doctor to confirm if they will prescribe medications in the case that you receive a diagnosis of ADHD. Completing the diagnostic assessment does not guarantee an ADHD diagnosis. You must meet the criteria for a diagnosis. 

    Medication management services coming soon

    For Assessments & Diagnosis:

    All appointments are virtual and you must be sitting at a computer (not your phone) and in a quiet and private space during the appointment for good internet reception