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ADHD Assessments Therapy & Coaching

We offer both in-person and online appointments.


ADHD Therapy
& Coaching

Welcome to West Coast Adult ADHD

We offer both in-person and online appointments.

At West Coast ADHD our clinicians are specially trained In ADHD treatment interventions. We provide evidenced based, holistic, client centred, collaborative, care so that you receive the highest quality of ADHD and executive function treatment available.

Our mission is to provide you with individualized treatment that will enable you to meet your goals and reach your true potential.

How I Can Help You

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.
What our clients say


During my sessions with Dr. Brooks, I feel like I am speaking with a friend rather than a stranger. After them, I feel that I am a new person who is in charge of her life, mind and actions.

Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers

Social Worker

I attended one of your conferences the other day, and I must say that I am really impressed. For such a delicate and young woman, Cloe Brooks seems to have accomplished a lot!

Emily Parker

Emily Parker

Designer, CEO

For me, this was a wonderful experience. I thought there would be no solution for countless issues in our marriage, but Dr. Brooks has so far proven me and my husband wrong.

Jack Weinstein

Jack Weinstein



ADHD Assesments

  • Virtual ADHD Assessment – $349.00


  • Regular Session (50 min) – $150.00
  • Check-in Session (25 min) – $80.00

Group - $400.00 for 8 sessions

8 week Program “Creating an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle”
  • Offered in small groups as well as Individually
  • Topics include: Managing procrastination and perfectionism, Time Management, Your ADHD Brain, Emotion Regulation, Organization and Planning, Motivation, Accommodations for work-school-home, Self Care, Executive Functions, and more!
  • Extended Health Plans may cover treatment costs. Please check with your provider to confirm coverage.
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